Carvana isn’t Nirvana – 7 cons of online car buying

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 Carvana and Vroom, two of the biggest online car retailers in the business started nearly 10 years ago in 2013. Though they hit a peak during 2020 – 2021 year during the car shortage, there are many downsides to buying a car from an online marketplaces like these.. While there are pros and cons for each, if you are buying a car soon, read this list of things to keep in mind if you’re considering buying a car from Carvana or Vroom.  

  1. You have no idea if the car you are buying is in good condition

Sure, they claim that vehicles go through thorough inspections, ensuring the car has not been in an accident, fire or had any flood damage. However, various complaints from buyers state that the car had more damage than was disclosed on the website. Also, many sellers to Vroom and Carvana state that their car was given a very cursory inspection before it was purchased. One has to wonder if they are not thoroughly inspecting a vehicle before purchasing it, are they just going to pass that along to you?  Cosmetic defects are one thing, but a mechanic should be carefully looking at a car to find out what issues may be looming. There are things that go beyond the vehicle identification number (VIN).

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 2. You can’t test drive or inspect the used car before purchasing it from an online marketplace like Carvana

Buying a car with a few clicks of your mouse might sound convenient, but do you really want to make such a big purchasing decision without testing it out first? At a regular car dealership, you would be able to sit in the car, check out the features and take it for a spin, before agreeing to pay tens of thousands of dollars. Sure, both Carvana and Vroom offer 7 days to return if the car quality is not what was expected. But a car dealership will also let you take a vehicle to a mechanic, and have it inspected before you buy it.

3. You’ll pay shipping delivery fees if purchasing a vehicle from Carvana or Vroom 

These are on average about $1,000 depending on where the vehicle is located and where it is being shipped. If you live in a major metro area such as Atlanta, you may be able to just come pick up the vehicle you purchase and avoid delivery fees. However, if you live further away, you will have to pay for your car to be delivered and it could be close to$1,500. Also, if you are precise about the color, interior and features of the car it may be necessary to get one from further away, paying more even if you are in a major metro area. Plus, the delivery fee is non-refundable, so even if you decide you don’t want the car, they will not refund you that money. (Sources:, – links below)

4.  You cannot  buy a new car from Carvana or Vroom online marketplace

The companies’ business model is used vehicles only. While you can find cars that are just a few years old, you won’t find a brand-new vehicle. For that, you’ll need to visit a local dealership. Check out our selection of new Toyota vehicles right here in the Jacksonville, Yulee, Baldwin and San Marco areas.  

5.  No price negotiation when purchasing your car from an online marketplace

When shopping for your car at Carvana or Vroom, though there are financing options, there’s no negotiation involved. So, if during the process, you find a better deal, you can’t discuss it with them or negotiate any dollar amount of the sale. With a traditional dealership, there’s at least some wiggle room to negotiate a better price, so you know you are walking away with the best possible price. (Sources: and – links below)  

6. You’ll need to find a place to service your car if you buy from Carvana or Vroom

When you buy from Butler Toyota Jacksonville one of the best things is that you already know us and can easily make appointments for things like oil changes, brake repairs, transmission and more. But when you buy from an online vendor, you’ll be left wondering who you can trust to service your car. 

Thinking of selling your car? Check out our video on hassle free car sales to us here at Butler Toyota Jax!

7. Carvana and Vroom have lawsuits pending against them for failure to deliver titles

When you purchase a car from anyone, anywhere in the US, you have 30 days to get the car registered. It is up to the seller to issue you a title. With this, you go to the tag office and present the title, proving you own the vehicle. Then you receive your registration, where you’ll get a tag to put on your vehicle. There have been many buyers who purchased from Carvana and Vroom who did not receive their title for months, some for more than a year. You can be pulled over by the police and issued a ticket for not having a valid registration.  (Sources: Barrons, – links below) 


When it comes to the second most important purchase, don’t you want to deal with a trusted dealer for a fair price that you can rely on for years to come, rather than a gimmicky, faceless organization? Buying a car from a vending machine? Really? With our dealership, you’ll be able to touch and test drive before you commit to buying and be confident you are buying a car that has gone through a vigorous inspection process. Who would rather buy your next vehicle from?  



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